We believe our best talent is bringing out talent in others.

We love young people and those with the courage to start over, just like you do! We make it seamless for you to hire entry-level talent who are best suited to your unique business culture by screening each of them based on their personalities, aptitudes, interests, and other attributes. How’s that for a win-win?

We care a lot about your new hire’s success. Rise candidates undergo work readiness coaching to build the confidence to approach their new jobs with increased positivity and can-do attitudes.

We train candidates specifically for your job. Our training focuses on fine-tuning the high-priority skills needed for the role. We can also help you offset future hiring needs by planning for your entry-level talent needs well in advance.

We conduct thorough, reliable, and multi-dimensional due diligence and background checks. To put it simply, we spend a lot more time getting to know our candidates than other recruiters do. We learn more about them than what you can simply glean from interviews and reference calls so we can confidently provide you with the best solution to your needs.